Lasting Powers of Attorney

More and more people are now, when making or amending their Will, also creating a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). 

An LPA is a document in which a person can set out their desires, both in terms of finances, and their health and wellbeing, should they lose mental capacity for any reason.

It is unfortunately a sad reality of life that while we are all living longer, the prevalence of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and strokes is increasing, meaning there may come a time when we are unable to manage our own affairs.

An LPA nominates a person, who is usually a family member or friend, to act as your ‘Attorney’ should you no longer be capable of managing your affairs. In such an event, the Attorney is able to register the LPA with your bank, and various other organisations, and will be able to handle your finances, pay bills and do all of the other day to day tasks that you are no longer able to do.

It is also possible to set out in an LPA your desires for your future medical treatment – there may be certain procedures, or outcomes that you do not wish to have to endure – setting these out in an LPA ensures that your wishes in this regard will be honoured, even if you are no longer able to express those wishes yourself.

The important aspect of LPAs is that they must be made while you still have mental capacity. They cannot be made once a person becomes incapable. As such, at Wadsworths we advise all clients, however old and in whatever state of health, to consider making an LPA, to ensure that should the worst happen and mental capacity is lost, their wishes are already recorded and will be honoured.

We keep these prices deliberately low in the hope of encouraging people to make LPAs – rather like Wills, they can often be put off, or thought of as being something unnecessary at the present moment – but it is often the case that when they are really needed, when mental capacity begins to deteriorate, it is too late to take one out.

We also offer an entirely free, no obligation LPA review service, to discuss your circumstances and whether an LPA would be of benefit to you.

Price Guide:


1 x Lasting Power of Attorney document (Finance or Health) = £400 plus VAT (£480)

2 x Lasting Power of Attorney documents (Finance and Health) = £550 plus VAT (£660)

3 x Lasting Power of Attorney documents (Finance and/or Health) = £700 plus VAT (£840)

4 x Lasting Power of Attorney documents (Finance and Health) = £800 plus VAT (£960)

(Prices correct as at 10 April 2024.  VAT is currently charged at 20%)

Please note that the above fees do not include the Office of the Public Guardian Registration fee of £82 per document)

“Well what can I say. I appointed Wadsworths solicitor to do my Lasting and Power of Attorney for my parents and also my Will. Michael Wadsworth was absolutely brilliant , very polite. His knowledge and experience outstanding. I will continue using Wadsworths Solicitors in the future. I would like to say thank you to Michael and his team for all your help.”

Google Review, February 2024

Wills and LPAs 
Wills and LPAs

“My wife and I have used Wadsworth for the above services for a number of years and have had nothing but excellent service. We would like to thank Michael for his guidance and assistance in going through the processes.

All matters have been dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We would not hesitate in recommending Wadsworth to friends and family.”

January 2024

Wills and LPAs 
Wills and LPAs

“Excellent service, everyone we came into contact with was very helpful.  First solicitor we have ever dealt with where we were not left with more questions than answers!  Everything was finished in a matter of days with no “hidden” charges.  We have no hesitation in recommending them to all our family and friends.”

December 2023

Wills and LPAs 
Wills and LPAs

“Wadsworth Solicitors helped us with producing our LPAs and Wills. The company had expert advice and were very competent and efficient in producing these documents. Always very approachable and with great communication, nothing seemingly being too much trouble. Would certainly recommend and use again.”

October 2023

Wills & LPAs 
Wills & LPAs

“Prompt and friendly service. All the legal intricacies and jargon were clearly explained up front, as were the charges for the service. I would definitely recommend.”

October 2023


Meet Our Lasting Powers of Attorney

The LPA department is supervised by Michael Wadsworth (Director). 

Michael Wadsworth

Kelsi Jones

Wills and LPA Assistant



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