Planning to win the Lottery? Time for a Will…

I probably won’t win the lottery……but what if I did?

Countless hours spent dreaming about how I would spend my newfound fortune, how many bedrooms my luxury yacht would have and which supercar I would buy. Hours, maybe even days, considering what is almost definitely never going to happen, and yet death, an event that is guaranteed to happen very rarely crosses my mind.

So WHY do we hesitate to make a Will? Is it the fear that we are tempting fate, the mysterious figure that takes us to the other side or do we simply believe that Death, like Christmas, is too far away to worry about?

Whatever reason we tell ourselves, it’s sobering to think that at some point the inevitable WILL happen.

The best advice I can offer would be to PLAN AHEAD. Think about what you would want to happen and have a Will drafted. A clear, unambiguous statement outlining EXACTLY who should inherit your estate (and similarly….who shouldn’t!)

NO confusion, NO disputes and NO panic after you have gone.

So the next time you find yourself day dreaming about your next big lottery win, give me a call and we’ll chat things through. Along with some fantastic ideas about how you can spend your millions, I can also provide peace of mind that when the inevitable does happen, everything is in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Richard Dundee, Head of Private Client
01926 493485