Duncan Watts Family Lawyers are based in the beautiful town of Warwick – they joined Wadsworths Solicitors in April 2020.

The firms philosophy is to run a specialist practice dealing exclusively with Divorce, Financial Remedy and Children issues, offering a range of services including Mediation and a Collaborative Practice.

The firm’s high reputation has enabled it to attract a variety of clients (including high net worth individuals), all of whom are looking for advice from a very experienced and efficient team.


Providing a service that is pragmatic and attuned to the needs of individual clients, as well as being technically proficient, we are very much geared to looking after our clients carefully and taking a proactive approach in pursuing settlements. Whether this is by negotiation or as a result of pushing on with proceedings, we will decide which course is appropriate depending on each client’s individual situation.

Specialisms include:


We can help you to resolve difficulties in relation to your separation and to advise you on the grounds.  Advice will include practical issues such as how to separate, the arrangements for the children, financial matters and whether urgent action is required.


We understand how important decisions in relation to children are and how difficult it can be to make those decisions and reach an agreement especially in the midst of a separation.   The firm’s aim is to advise you on all the options available to you as a parent and to resolve any contested issues in the best way possible,  Court action should only be a last resort and the welfare of the children is always the paramount consideration.

The Collaborative Process

The Collaborative Process is a new way to resolve divorce and family disputes with dignity and respect.  It is an alternative method, less confrontational and restrictive and a more solution-orientated approach – couples work as a team with trained lawyers and other professionals to resolve issues arising from a relationship breakdown.  We have considerable experience in this area.


We have substantial experience in advising and resolving the division of assets.  Where finances are concerned, all cases are different and are treated as such.  Our aim is to provide a proactive service to meet your individual needs and negotiating a tailor made solution swiftly and cost effectively for you.


Mediation can be an alternative to, or in conjunction with, negotiations through solicitors and court proceedings.  Mediation enables people to negotiate their own arrangements with the assistance of a Family Mediator.  Mediation can help families communicate better and minimise conflict.


To discuss your individual requirements or to find out more, please do give us a call on 01926 493485 or pop into the office which is located at:

26 Market Place, Warwick, CV34 4SL